FEBA Campaign #AllTogether4Ukraine

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FEBA has raised 1.8 million € from corporations, foundations, organisations, FEBA Members, and private individuals.

This amount is expected to support FEBA Members affected by the crisis for one month with weekly food deliveries to ensure sufficient food but not to burden the logistical management of the food received.

A first payment of 435.000 € has been earmarked to deliver food to the FEBA Member in Romania, Federația Băncilor pentru Alimente din România (FBAR).

FBAR will act as a hub for FEBA to redistribute food to Ukrainian people in Chișinău in Moldova where estimates expect the arrival of 200,000 refugees.

The food will be redistributed to Banca pentru Alimente in Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov, Oradea, and Roman in Romania, where 95,000 refugees are present out of the 285,000 having entered the country.

190,000 refugees were in transit and proceeded to other Western European countries.

Food will also reach Chernivsti, L’viv and Odessa in Ukraine.

FEBA is also supporting the urgent purchase of food handling equipment and financing other logistic costs (one warehouse in Chișinău (Moldova), 6 vans, 6 electric handling equipment, temporary staff), in Moldova and Romania to ensure an efficient logistic of these unexpected efforts to help refugees and their normal daily activities.

FEBA has mobilised the food businesses, partner to FEBA, to get aid and deliver food to its members in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and Poland.

The European Food Banks Federation is calling corporations, foundations, organisations, and private citizens to join the campaign.


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